Product shot editing service i am providing in this freelance site if you prefer you can hire me in this sites

Hi, i am rahul, i have experience in products photo editing i was doing Product enhancement and background removal ,the time depends on complexity of job .

My freelance work experience

A]. i have done Two contract job in people perhour contract one of machines parts , and another contract of products like bottles, led light,candle, , one headshots.

B]. I did Five contract job in fiverr three contracts of jewelry products and Three contracts of human extraction ,

c]. Another Three contract job i did on upwork with different products shots like doctors magnifying glass ,emergency led light

My services for product editing

A.Clipping path background removal to white or transparent basic retouching of products.
B.Shadow And reflection creation .
C.Expertise like wrinkle removal in cloths products, clean up dust or dirt , blemish removal, retouching with frequency separation .
D.Image resizing & cropping.
E.watermark removal or adding.

Thank you
Rahul Thube
twitter id cgmagia

Today offer " CGmagia 1$ Offer"

24 hours delivery product shot editing .5 $ per image for 20 to 100 image White , Transparent or background change
payment via paypal payoneer
contact me via contact form and tweet to @ cgmagia

Deep-Etch an Image Remove or Change any background of photo

Deep etching is a technique used to remove a specific section of a photograph or image using three methods usually pen tool method is one of the best we carefully zoom in and go over each edge of your selection by hand, ensuring that our path is pixel perfect.
When we’re done, we return a source file with our exact selection . I am Rahul Thube i am Photo editing software professional providing this service  . usually it takes 2 days for standard project or 4days maximum for pro . 

Which Images good for deep etch background removal
 images with  high  quality images are good because we need to use pen tool which is manually done edges should be clear to draw pen tool .






i will remove or add background of 15 simple images or 6 complex imagesi will remove or add background of 35 simple images or 10 complex imagesi will remove or add background of 60 simple images 20 complex images


service [1] 

A). I will REMOVE  or CHANGE background of  simple images with one person or product with pure white background OR  your background images .

  "Retouching and enhancement" 

  1. first i will remove Product Background and replace with pure white Background. 
  2. If there is dust or any kind of scratches i will Remove  so that your image looks more beautiful.
  3. Then i will Create shadow and reflection of your image so that it looks more realistic.

  4. some  Sharpening to your image and give proper lighting.
  5. Retouching, Cropping/ Resize your image, to match your site size . 
  6. follow your instructions. 

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Note: Above pricing list is just for an idea and starting prices. If you need more additional and any other service, we suggest providing with realistic prices up don reviewing your jobs.

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