Retouching and Photo Editing services

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Rahul Thube

Retouching Services

    Retouching Services for personal or commercial use

Now started photo editing services like retouching photographs which often messed up due to environment causes people often says that they have good photo's  but due dust particles ,pimples unwanted hairs or stray hairs, blemishes on faces make it difficult to keep ,here the editors like me come and use advance technology of Photoshop in editing to reinstate that  lovely moments of life.   Photoshop retouching is art of opening the potential of image taken by camera its all inside the raw image it has to be bring out from in it, due to certain changes of light ,flash or environment images changes its appearance all data is inside in it. Photoshop like software  an photo editors have technology to locate and bring out that colorful output which is hidden in raw image. 

Here you can hire me via fiverr i have 3 different services there you can see my badge in upper right corner of the page if you find diffeicult to find click here

or comment here and send link of images 1st images should be zip to make it easily uploadable, you can upload to google drive like online services and share your link in comment section and email address i will give you price .

you can send money via paypal .

Retouching prices

1.For personal use-10$
    One Person Restoration Retouching,blemishes,stray hairs, Remove or add background,people,dog

2.For commercial use like eshops- 15$
   One Product retouching and enhancement add Reflection, Shadow color correct etc.

3.For Personal and Commercial use- 25$
  One Portrait retouching Advance complete. cloth straightening, nose ,eyes,lips,body sculpting,hair.