Twitter Top trend SupariJournalists Review

Twitter Top trend  SupariJournalists  Review

Today Top most trend of twitter SupariJournalists stayed all day , everyone is amazed to see social media volunteers from different organization or individual s ok i give them a unified name let see

Twitter Officially Launches Its “Retweet With Comment” Feature | cgmagia

Today Officially Twitter  Launches its  new helpful feature “Retweet With Comment” we all remember to copy and paste to write a comment in 140 charaters ha thank god.

ICC CWC 2015 MATCH India with Bangladesh result

Congratulations our Team India on the win against Bangladesh, Great 11th successive win.

Bollywood bhai giri by Amir khan [influential ppl rowdyism]

Recently tweeterati make big ruckus in bollywood industry every one astonished what the hell is going on in twitter ,

Controversial movie Pk or peekay by Amir khan and RajkumarHirani

Controversial movie #Pk is become the latest target of awaken hindus becouse it demeans Hinduism . ppl have decide to trend #BoycottPK to express there anger in twitter and gone court.